The project “Building Sustainable Services, Jobs and Organisations“ is being carried out within the Eu Exchange 4 Programme in the the municipalities of Žabari and Žagubica. Partners on the project are local service providers, Centre for Social Care from Žabari and the Association for the Development of Žabari Municipality, as well as the Centre for Social-Economic Development from Jagodina, which provides expert support for the development of social services.

The project aims at establishing sustainable and high-quality „home care“ services for old persons and securing new jobs in the social service sector.

The project provides “home care” services by the Centre for social care Žabari and Association for the Development of Žabari Municipality. The aim of “home care” service is to support the users in performing their regular daily activities, in order to improve the overall quality of their lives. “Home care” service is designed for old persons with physical and mental limitations that disable them to live independently in their homes without receiving regular care, supervision and support in performing everyday activities. It particularly applies to those with no or insufficient family support. The service will be establishment and organized according to national standards for service providers, and will meet all the criteria set for the licensing procedure, which involves the training and employment of geronto-housewifes and expert personnel and providing equipment such as computers for the staff and two vehicles for the transport of geronto-husewifes to the users, one for each municipality.
Information, attitudes and opinions expressed on this website are solely the responsibility of the Municipalitiy of Žabari,
Municipality of Žagubica, Centre for Social Care from Žabari, NGO CDER and Association for the Development of Žagubica Municipality,
and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Delegation of the European Union in Serbia, which financially supported this project.